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Curriculum Grid
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Stakeholder Grid Day 3:

The Great Climate Debate (Language Arts)
CO2 & Mass (Science)
Eating Up Energy (Math)
Stakeholder Grid (Social Studies)
Community Game (Extension Activity)
Links on this page: Stakeholder Grid/T-Graph - Student Sheet | Climate Change Stakeholder Grid | Climate Change Stakeholder Grid - Student Sheet | Stakeholder Grid-Definition Term Cards | Stakeholder Grid Cut Outs | Stakeholder Grid Role Card | Stakeholder Grid-Mayor's Directive to the Blue Ribbon Committee Unit Portfolio 

National Education Standards Met:


Social Studies discipline

Goal: Provide a format for students to use when evaluating public perception about an issue.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Define key terms
  • Actively listen to a variety of perspectives
  • Evaluate public input
  • Understand different perspectives

Materials (For a class of 30):

  • 10 sets of player cards cut up
  • 10 envelopes
  • 10 slide sleeves with columns labeled "stakeholder", "hypothesis", "interest", and "preferred action"
  • 10 sets of definition cards cut up
  • 30 blank stakeholder grids
  • 1 completed grid for the teacher or stakeholder
  • 1 set of role cards
  • Costumes for each stakeholder (see role cards)
  • 30 completed stakeholder grids

Time: 45 minutes

Standards Met: C3, USH 10, G5, LA3, LA5, LA6, LA7, LA9, LA11


  • Label slide sleeves columns
  • Insert first 5 stakeholders' names into sleeves in the "stakeholder" column
  • Place one set of definition cards in each envelope
  • Put hypothesis, interest and preferred action cards into each envelope for the first 5 stakeholder
  • Prepare your skit for each stakeholder or prepare others to play various roles


  • Explain to class that experts have agreed to talk to them about global climate change. They are going to use a stakeholder grid to analyze what they have to say.
  • Using PowerPoint or overhead, introduce the terms "stakeholder", "hypothesis", "interest", and "preferred action"
  • Place students in groups of 3 and hand out envelopes
  • Students should place the cards found in the envelopes on the appropriate definition card. In the group of 3, 1 student should take the "hypothesis", one "interest" and one "preferred action"
  • The group must agree that each card is in the correct pile.
  • Pass out one slide sleeve per group.
  • Introduce the first stakeholder. After that person has spoken, allow students time to place that person's cards in the appropriate sleeve.
  • Use an overhead to review what was said and which cards should be in the sleeve.
  • Repeat the process for the next 4 stakeholders.
  • Tell students that they will work individually for the rest of the stakeholders.
  • Pass out a blank stakeholder grid to all students.
  • Tell students that they must fill in the grid as each stakeholder speaks.
  • Review the correct answers after each stakeholder.
  • At the end of class, review the terms.
  • Ask students to leave stakeholder names in the grid. They should remove all other cards and place them in the envelopes.
  • Have groups place definition cards in the envelopes and one person should bring them to the teacher.
  • Pass out completed stakeholder grid to each student.
  • Students should keep both completed player grids.


  • Give students T-graph worksheets with Credible and Non-Credible headings.
  • Ask students to choose one type of media source to conduct additional research (ex: television, radio, newspaper, magazine) and write it on the worksheet.
  • Review example with students.
  • In one column, students must write the name of the stakeholder.  In the second column, students must write why this stakeholder is credible or non-credible.
  • Tell students they must take both T-graph worksheets home and analyze at least 10 stakeholders from their chosen media source.
  • Ask students to write the topic/article/TV show that involves their stakeholder.

Follow Up:

  • Using T-graph worksheets, analyze stakeholders using the stakeholder grid.
  • Choose one set of worksheets as an example.  Use the overhead to present and review with students.

Stakeholder Grid/T-Graph - Student Sheet


Media Source (Circle one):
TV   Newspaper    Magazine    Radio   Internet   Other: ______________


Stakeholder Name

Why is this stakeholder "credible?"














Stakeholder Grid/T-Graph - Student Sheet


Media Source (Circle one):
TV   Newspaper    Magazine    Radio   Internet   Other:


Stakeholder Name

Why is this stakeholder "non-credible?"














Climate Change Stakeholder Grid

Climate Change Stakeholder Grid - Student Sheet




Preferred Action































Stakeholder Grid-Definition Term Cards

The player's ideas concerning an issue or an aspect of the issue (educated guess on what is responsible)


An immediate underlying concern applied to a specific situation or issue that usually reflects a person's interest or motivations.


What the player thinks should be done about the specific issue; what action, if any, the player says should be taken.


Those individuals, groups, organizations and/or institutions that have a role in the problem and/or its solution.










Stakeholder Grid Cut Outs


Stakeholder Grid Cut Outs

day2stakeholder_cutouts _two02

Stakeholder Grid Cut Outs

day2stakeholder_cutouts _three02

Stakeholder Grid Cut Outs

day2stakeholder_cutouts _four02

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Dr. Cyril Sanders
Professor of Meteorology

Serious persona
Costume: Shirt, tie, dress pants, copies of your article from Weekly World News

Background: I am a well published professor of meteorology.  After years of research, dealing with thousands of hot women, I have proven my hypothesis.

Hypothesis: Global Climate Change is indeed due to the release of energy from these very hot women. Menopausal women & the heat they release during hot flashes is causing a raise in atmospheric temperature.

Interest: It is my responsibility to make the public aware of my findings. You may have read about my research in numerous scholarly journals where I have been published (pass out Weekly World News articles)

Preferred Action: Before this problem gets out of hand, it is imperative that we invest in medical research to control hot flashes during menopause.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Shaka Halbouty
Costume: crazy scientist - lab coat, shorts, long black socks, boots, glasses, hula hoop

Background: Staff researcher at National Geological Consortium

Hypothesis: My hypothesis is best demonstrated through the use of this circular timeline. I am about to demonstrate the Earth's history and future so pay attention.  One side of this geologic, circular timeline represents when it has been cold on Earth; the other side represents when it has been warm on Earth.  (Have a student Hula-Hoop)  Hot!  Cold! This is a natural cycle on Earth. Did the dinosaurs cause the ice age? I think not.  

Interest: My goal is help teachers change the way environmental issues are taught.  No! We need to teach facts, not fear.

Preferred Action: Humans have nothing to do with this cycle so we don't need to take any action.  However, we should enforce this agenda in schools so children are taught the truth and nothing but the truth.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Emma Seed - Farmer at Piggy Palace
Costume: overalls, hat, plaid shirt, blackened plant, pinwheel

Background: I have been farming this area for 30 years. I am responsible for the plants we have at Piggy Palace.

Hypothesis: My plants were healthy as could be until 1967 when that gosh darn Lightening Boltz moved next door. Now look at em! (Hold up blackened plant). I realize that plants need CO2 to breathe, but this is ridiculous. My theory is that the emissions from that coal plant is killing us humans just like it's killing my plants.

Interest: My interest lies in doing what's best for the community and giving people choices about their electricity. I'd be happy to put wind turbines on my land and sell that energy.

Preferred Action: Let me tell you what to do.  Put up alternative energy sources so people have a choice about their electricity.  I'd be happy to put wind turbines on some of my land to reduce that dang Lightening Boltz effect on the environment.  (Demonstrate with pinwheel - show how it is all clean - no black emissions)

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Deb Itsamore - Economist
Costume: plaid shirt and pants, glasses, lots and lots of paper, calculator, maybe a chart or two

Background: I am the city economist. Calculate numbers -

Hypothesis: My data proves that local industry emissions are increasing our percentage of green house gas emissions by 33.33333%.  Refer to chart A (get lost in paper, trip, wrap up, general mess).

Interest: I'm interested in what is best for this town, and let's face it, we need money.

Preferred Action: Town officials should tax business for each carbon ton they release.  This graph shows how town will benefit from that action.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Jacqueline Obradors - NYPD Blue star
Costume: flashy outfit, J Lo glasses, copies of your ad, paparazzi camera people

Background: I am not only a famous actress from NYPD Blue, but I also have a great mind. I am very aware of what's going on around me (pose for camera shots repeatedly - work the camera). 

Hypothesis: I find it distressing how wasteful and materialistic people have become (slap hand of somebody and tell them not to touch your purse). A perfect example of this waste is how we frivolously use energy - you'll see that I don't waste precious energy tanning myself; I think that is a tremendous waste of energy. 

Interest:  I realize that I have great influence over the little people.  My agent and I agree that I should do something with high visibility to educate the masses.

Preferred Action: We (My agent and I) have decided that I should donate my time to an ad campaign that will raise public awareness about energy use.  Pass out ads.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Fern Gulley - Recycling Center
Costume: hippy

Background: I am the recycling guru.  I have been working at a national recycling organization since I was 8 years old.

Hypothesis: I know exactly what is wrong - people don't love trees enough (sing Kumbaya). Pretend the person next to you is a tree - now hug the tree. Doesn't that feel good?  Just keep loving the trees; don't cut them down. Deforestation is the problem. 

Interest: There has been a dramatic decrease in recycling over the last ten years.  We need to increase those numbers!

Preferred Action: We need mandatory curbside recycling, especially for paper products. Let me show you how easy it is. Collect their paper trash and recycle it for them (take some notebooks, etc).

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Bubba Glean - Lightening Boltz
Costume: coveralls, lightning bolt, truck driver hat, cigarette, fake poop, Billy Bob teeth, light bulb

Background: I install power lines at Lightening Boltz Energy Company.  I've had enough of people pointing their finger at my company. I work there everyday. Do I look sick to you?

Hypothesis:  All them darn animal loving, rice eating, Atkins dieters, trying to get skinny type of people.  It's all crap.  The crap decomposes and all that methane goes into the air. Put fake poop in front of somebody.  Which do you want?  This (poop) or a light bulb? 

Interest: People need energy for heat, electricity, and such forth.

Preferred Action: All that land outside of town needs to be rezoned and given to Lightening Boltz - not the dang cow and pig lovin' farmers.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Bus Driver - Pat
Costume: Wig, shirt buttoned all the way up, pants, belt, men's shoes, whoopee cushion, perhaps a pillow or sheets for extra padding

Background: I drive busses.  I have been driving busses for 18 years.  Pushes glasses up and talks with nasal inflection.

Hypothesis: You spend 1 minute on that bus, and you'll know exactly what's wrong. Its middle school kids without manners. There is no clean air on the bus.  It's all methane from those kids farting.

Interest: I'd like to breathe some clean air too you know.  That Bubba bragging about how he isn't sick.  I sure don't feel too good.

Preferred Action: The cafeteria needs to stop feeding hot dogs and beans to kids; Beano needs to be added to their meals daily.  And, manners courses need to be integrated into the schools.

Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Sally Soccoro - Vice-President of Environment, Health, and Safety Pipsqueak Potatoes (local industry)
Costume: business woman, glasses, scarf

Background: Industry is being persecuted because I am a woman.  My company is my pride and joy and nobody can stand a successful woman.

Hypothesis: The real problem is all these gas guzzlers.  If people are really interested in preserving the environment, why aren't they looking at their driving habits and MPGs?  I know you won't believe this because it's coming from a woman, but every year your car emits its weight in carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. 

Interest:  I work on the environment everyday!  I want to see it preserved so we can all enjoy it.

Preferred Action: Since men are not policing themselves, we need government restrictions on MPGs per vehicle.  That male dominated auto industry needs to be held accountable for their actions. I have to run the car pool for the soccer team.
Stakeholder Grid Role Card

Mayor Maynot
Costume: suit, hat

Background: Vote for me. This is an election year. 

Hypothesis: There are many reasons for increased CO2 so you can't point at one source. 

Interest: This is an election year so we have to be smart about our investigation.  We don't want to alienate anyone from the process.

Preferred Action: We're going to examine this as a global problem. You are all appointed to be a blue ribbon committee to investigate the causes, effects, and solutions to this potential problem. Because my personal belief is that this is not a local issue, we are going to start with a global approach.

Stakeholder Grid-Mayor's Directive to the Blue Ribbon Committee Unit Portfolio

The Mayor uses this outline to overview the unit for students. This explanation includes student activities, expectations, and outcomes.  Teachers - you may want to alter this to outline the exact unit you plan to implement with your students and use this as a grading tool.  See Interdisciplinary grid for activities and location in the notebook.

1. Essential elements necessary for a successful community & barriers that hinder a community

  • Population Growth
           i. Population Growth Student Sheet
  • Do You Need?
           ii. Do You Need Student Sheet
  • Community Game
           iii. Elements & Barriers Student Sheet
           iv. Elements & Barriers Homework Sheet

2. Decision Making Process

  • Stakeholder Grid
           i. Stakeholder Grid
           ii. T-Charts on credible & non-credible sources
  • Triangle Triage
           i. Student triangle
  • Decision Grid
           i. Variety of decision grids throughout week
           ii. Decision grid embedded in final television commercial
  • Opinion Activity

3. Understanding Global Climate Change

  • Too Cool for School lab
           i. Too Cool for School Student Sheet
           ii. Too Cool for School Extension Student Sheet
  • Let's Get to the Core of It lab
           iii. Let's Get to the Core of It Student Data Sheet
           iv. Let's Get to the Core of It Graphing
  • Trapping CO2 lab
           v. Trapping CO
    2 Student Sheet
  • CO2 and Mass lab
           vi.  CO
    2 and Mass Student Table
           vii. CO
    2 and Mass Student Response Sheet

4. Contributing Factors

  • The Great Climate Change Debate
           i.   Debate Terms Student Sheet
           ii.  Debaters Grid (Affirmative or Negative)
           iii. Debate using appropriate sequence
  • Acting Out Energy
           iv. Complete paper bag skits
           v.  Acting Out Energy Student Timeline
  • Current energy use
           vi. Personal Emissions Calculator
           vii. Watt's Up Student Sheet
           viii. Eating Up Energy
  • Economic Activity
           ix. Accountant Sheets
           x .Rubric
  • Concept map of possible causes
           xi. Class concept map
           xii. Student individual concept maps

5. Effects

  • Economic Activity
           i.  Accountant Sheets
           ii. Rubric
  • Website search
  • Potential Effects
           iii. Potential Effects Student Timeline
           iv. Affecting Me Student Sheet
  • Play-Doh Island
           v. Lab sheet
  • Jenga Jumble
           vi. Biodiversity labels
  • Add effects to concept map of contributing factors
           vii. Class concept map
           viii. Student individual concept maps

6. Global Implications

  • Eating Up Energy
           i.  Eating Up Energy Student Sheet
           ii. Eating Up Energy Country representation
           iii. Eating Up Energy Stuent Data Chart
  • Population Growth Video
  • Material World Slides
           iv. Do You Need Student Sheet

7. Greenhouse Gas dissipation

  • The Cricket and The Plant - The Carbon Cycle
    .Speed of dissipation - I Love Lucy Clip
  • Parts Per Million lab
           i.  Parts Per Million Student Pre-lab & Post-lab questions
           ii. Parts Per Million Student Data Table
           iii. Parts Per Million Comparisions
  • Oceanic Absorption
           iv. Oceanic Absorption Student Sheet
  • Geologic Sequestration
           v. Geologic Sequestration Student Sheet

8. Community Evaluation - what factors contribute to climate change in our town?

  • Writing a Research Question
           i. Writing a Research Question Student Sheet
  • Data Collection Instruments
           ii. Physical = What's Driving Our Community car count
           iii. Physical = Heat gun demonstration & 3 Little Pigs
           iv. Virtual = Who's Got Your Power?
           v.  Virtual = Watt's Up
           vi. Survey = Interviews and Questionnaires
  • Graph & Analyze results

9. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Techniques

  • Expert Solutions
           i. Reduction technique analysis grid
  • Risk Box
  • Consensus = Ugli Orange & M&Ms
  • Local Acts Make Impacts
  • Blue Ribbon Committee Presentations making recommendations to mayor as to best technique for dealing with excess greenhouse gases and best technique to reduce current rate of production of greenhouse gases
           ii. Commercials
  • Personal recommendations
           iii. Thinking Differently - personal pledge
           iv. Individual letter writing campaign outlining local, national and international recommendations

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